3 sunrises A place of juxtaposition
April 2 - 5 2020 Spain
3 sunsets
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The very first of its kind

A matchless weekend experience, never been done before. In the heart of Sierra Nevada, Spain.
In one short weekend you'll navigate the seasons with us. One more hit of winter skiing before you dive straight into spring by the beach.

2 days skiing. 1 day by the beach. 3 sunrises. 3 sunsets.
All combined with incredible feasts, thirst quenching tipples, luxury spa indulgence, wild adventure surprises, epic soundtracks and expansive mindsets.

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The founders are experts in snow, adventure and all things involving good times. Having created some of the most credible experiences out there including international adventure festivals. They're perfectly placed to deliver you the perfect weekend recipe. 

A way to get one last hit of snow, finish the winter season on a high and then celebrate the start of spring with no in-between. All alongside a programme that will create an unforgettable and expansive weekend experience.  

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